Waste of time

By moytb713
Written March 18, 2013
I love Steve Carrell and usually enjoy Jim Carrey movies. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. There were only two points in the movie where I may have laughed, but nothing more than a snicker. The only truly good thing during this movie was the popcorn and drink that cost more than the movie ticket itself.
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Horrible Burt Whateverstone

By krystalcocoa
Written March 30, 2013
I am clueless how anyone has given this movie an even remotely decent review. Clearly those people either saw a different movie or they were on drugs when watching it. This was hands down the WORST WORST WORST film I have ever seen. Not a single scene was funny. It was incredibly stupid. Horrible script. I kept contemplating walking out of the move the entire time but didn't have to pay to see it kept hoping that maybe it would get better from how horrible it already was. Sad to see the usually funny Jim carrey in such a horrible movie that does him no good at all. Cause it WASNT funny!! Even if you don't have to pay to see it like me, DONT SEE IT! biggest waste of time I ever spent.
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Argggghhh...Intensely Un-Magical.

By Alon Patterson
Written March 15, 2013
This film had promise. With a serious A-list cast, an obviously excessive production budget and the promise of magic in the city of trash glamour, they really should have done better, much better. Parts of this film are about as unfunny as film comedy gets without flying produce directed at the screen. The fact is, it seems like the cast got together for two days for the shoot and were reading it for the first time. It's a bad movie but not a terrible one. You'd probably want to wait for the DVD or stream because it's not worth the price of a matinee ticket. Skip this one. You'll be glad you did.
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Burt Wonderstone

By juliangonzo44
Written March 28, 2013
Hi everybody! I am Julian and today I will talk about The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. If you are at all a fan of Steve Carell, Jim Carrey or Steve Buscemi, it's an OK movie. It has it's moments and when these moments are on, you're sure to laugh! But sadly, there aren't enough of these moments to make you "Laugh out loud through the whole flick." But the actor that really got my smile was Steve Buscemi. He was just too funny and he proves in this movie he doesn't have to talk to make you laugh. Did I like it? Yes! Was it hilarious? Mostly! I give Wonderstone a good 'ole 4 stars/5 stars
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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review

By robbiemesser
Written March 20, 2013
This movie is hilarious and great! Although I wasn't a huge fan of the beginning when Burt was a little kid, the rest was great, especially the end. Don't want to ruin it! The acting was very good, and the cinematography was also great. The writing was also pretty good; however, it's one of those that you may like or not. I enjoyed it. I recommend this for teens and adults. This is one of those comedy movies that you may like or not. If you aren't sure, just wait to rent it or buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray.
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