Hilarious Movie

By dog_life
Written April 29, 2013
This is an entertaining movie. It s pretty clean (the F-word one time, however). It has a lot of gross-out humor (the Jim Carey parts) but the rest of it is clever and original. Alan Arkin is always a great actor and lends his class to this movie. This movie spoofs the Cris Angel type of acts and the 'animal magicians' epitomized by Siegfried and Roy. Thoroughly enjoyable. A great time. Please go and be entertained.
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Wonderfully Magical

By riograd
Written October 02, 2014
The characters were played better than I thought it was going to be done. I found myself waiting for the next trick. It brought me back to my childhood with my first magic set. The tricks were not cheesy and like a little kid watching a magic show, the movie actually did a great job keeping my attention the whole way through. Then end surprised me how well it all came together. they could have gone in many directions but I can't imagine a better ending (without spoiling it of course) I walked away feeling great. I may have actually enjoyed this movie a little better than the average movie goer just because I did spend a huge portion of my childhood with many magic acts that I did myself. But also take it as a person who grew up with it, the movie was magical to me. It earned my money for admission it took my away to another place for a wonderful story. what more can you ask for?
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Something New!

By noahcross
Written March 06, 2015
I really enjoyed this film. It was very humorous, and had a good story line. The cast could not have been any better. Like most movies today, some parts were longer than needed, but in no means does it ruin this movie. I would definitely recommend this to any comedy lovers.
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A hilarious movie!

By infanta007
Written May 27, 2015
A must see if you like to laugh at stupid humor. Also, if you know some of the Las Vegas hotel history, it makes it even funnier. I loved it! I was expecting to laugh and be entertained and I was certainly not disappointed. This movie was hilarious!
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Save your money

By RussG
Written August 04, 2015
It must have cost a lot to get these big-name stars, but the script writing and plot are horrible. I think I may have laughed once during the entire movie. It was difficult to stay awake all the way through it. It was really pathetic.
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