Worth seeing I guess

By dannypants
Written April 19, 2015
Very funny in parts. As a whole it was sorta weak. But I was entertained. I just wish I'd either gone to the half-price early movie or watched it on cable. There are some good laughs and inspired performances but I wish it were a bit funnier.
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You have to like their type of humor

By shehadinetwork
Written August 03, 2015
If you have watched Bruce Almighty or the 40 Year Old Virgin more than once and laugh at the same jokes every time, this movie is for you. Otherwise, I am sure it will be entertaining for the rest of you, just not as funny to the people that do not understand their humor.
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Had potential.

By dogrek
Written April 25, 2015
Good premise, good potential, and great cast... but it just didn't measure up to what it could have been. The comedic and satirical timing were off, and the story had several directions it could have pursued and been really good. Seemed to be indecisive on direction... ironic since it's about magic and misdirection.
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It was OK

By mtyler0728
Written July 28, 2015
The movie was OK but I was a little disappointed. I'm big fans of Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, so I expected it to be very funny. Carrey did very well and he should have had a bigger part in the movie. I thought Carell's performance was mediocre at best. I'm still glad I saw it, just thought it could have been better.
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Hilarious from Start to End !!!!

By anthony_c
Written November 28, 2014
wife and I went to see it opening night and can only hope they make a sequal !!!! you will not be disappointed because you will laugh from beginning to end !!!!
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