one of the worst

By toddie5088
Written October 29, 2014
sad to have this cast and a horrible script and direction would have walked out but my wife loves steve and jim but hey everyone bombs sometime
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Funny flick!

By Movie_Buff_86
Written November 26, 2015
If you want to go out and have a laugh or two, you could do much worse than seeing "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.". I went on a Saturday afternoon and I really enjoyed the flick. You have a pair who have been doing magic for 10 years, but they soon become old and a new guy comes into fold and tries to take their fame away. They will battle it out, and learn some new tricks in order to bring the audience back to them. Who will win? When you are in Vegas, everyone is up against one another and will do everything they can to top one another and be the main man. Go check it out, it was a funny movie and the critics are wrong. It is not the best movie, but it was worth the money.
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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review

By robbiemesser
Written April 29, 2016
This movie is hilarious and great! Although I wasn't a huge fan of the beginning when Burt was a little kid, the rest was great, especially the end. Don't want to ruin it! The acting was very good, and the cinematography was also great. The writing was also pretty good; however, it's one of those that you may like or not. I enjoyed it. I recommend this for teens and adults. This is one of those comedy movies that you may like or not. If you aren't sure, just wait to rent it or buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray.
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By mr_marcus
Written March 15, 2013
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Burt Wonderstone

By Defeatedfrog
Written July 03, 2015
This movie was sooo boring. At times it felt like the lead actors filmed their scenes on different days....ok, this is what's, react...except they didn't react. The 'hot box' scene could have been very funny, but wasn't. I found myself laughing just because it felt weird not laughing at a comedy. I have to admit I laughed my ***off at one the very end, I mean seconds before the credits, when they showed how they pulled off the "grand illusion". I was so looking forward to seeing this movie too. The only thing enjoyable, for me, was Olivia Wilde. The comedic talent was just wasted on this movie. Such a shame too.
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