By Witqueen
Written September 03, 2015
Definitely giggle worthy, there could have been a little more meat in the plot, but compared to other movies out there, this was a good date night. Steve Carrell never fails to entertain, and Jim Carey does a great piss take on a Criss Angel type street magician. Don't expect too much and just enjoy the show.
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Loved the ending!

By bigscreen53
Written May 04, 2016
Got a little lax in the middle but the 2nd half was a lot of fun to watch.
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I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't love this movie!!

By dipa108
Written April 30, 2016
All I can say is that I can't remember the last time I constantly laughed out loud through an entire movie. This movie was incredibly funny at the same time it was touching and actually had a moral...And how can you not love a movie that has Steve Carell, jim Carey, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde and Alan Arkin!?!?!Totally engaging from beginning to end!!
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Best Movie this Year- Go See Especially if You Love Magic!

By tomreviewer
Written May 24, 2016
The movie was so much better than reviews I'd been seeing. It is very funny and a touching story at the end. it tries to capture the wonder and lure of magic. I would have liked to have seen more of Jim Carrey but his later arrival in the movie made more sense as it made it Wonderstone who was the main character. I don't want to give any spoilers but it does a very good job of pitting Carrey's magic style (forgot character's name) against Wonderstone's. I must not have paid too much attention to previews because I missed that Wonderstone had a partner (actor to left in photo whose name I forget but was excellent). I really enjoy magic movies, such as the Prestige and the Illusionist. It was great to have a comedy out there to add to them. The only thing I didn't like was Olivia Wilde's character...I agree they needed someone as the moral compass....but her character was a little too far fetched and not funny. It may have been better if that character had some antics.
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Not funny enough

By keep_em_honest
Written November 27, 2015
The movie had a good theme and an all-star cast. The old school Steve Carell was juxtapositioned against the new school Jim Carey. The theme was the coarsening of society. The cast and acting were good. The only weakness was that the material just wasn't funny enough.
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