The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Synopsis
A slick new performer threatens the status of a popular Las Vegas act by two longtime magicians.
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Funny from start to finish

By nozkcb
I really enjoyed the movie and laughed pretty consistently (much to my son's horror) just about all the way through the movie. Not an epic adventure but, it's not what I was expecting. I went to...


By natemanor13
I have to say I expected much less. It was hillarious the entire time and with all star cast like that how could it not be! The ending was fantastic and especially the scene before the credits where...

Wonderful Burt Wonderstone

By MedRed
Steve Carell +Steve Buscemi + Jim Carrey = Great Chemistry Fresh ideas in comedy movies often devolve into potty humor and cursing to make up for the lack of plot development. This isn't one of...

Perfect comedy casting, yet not what you would think!

By m3trooper
Wow! Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carey, Alan Arkin. Powerhouse comedic actors. This will be the funniest movie ever, right? Wrong! It certainly has its moments where you chuckle, but overall,...

Not magical

By travelbear1231
Alan Arkin really shines. The movie could use a better script and better direction. Not suitable for young kids. Lots of tasteless segments that did nothing to promote the story. Not magical....

Worth seeing I guess

By dannypants
Very funny in parts. As a whole it was sorta weak. But I was entertained. I just wish I'd either gone to the half-price early movie or watched it on cable. There are some good laughs and inspired...

You have to like their type of humor

By shehadinetwork
If you have watched Bruce Almighty or the 40 Year Old Virgin more than once and laugh at the same jokes every time, this movie is for you. Otherwise, I am sure it will be entertaining for the rest of...

Had potential.

By dogrek
Good premise, good potential, and great cast... but it just didn't measure up to what it could have been. The comedic and satirical timing were off, and the story had several directions it could...

It was OK

By mtyler0728
The movie was OK but I was a little disappointed. I'm big fans of Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, so I expected it to be very funny. Carrey did very well and he should have had a bigger part in the...

Hilarious from Start to End !!!!

By anthony_c
wife and I went to see it opening night and can only hope they make a sequal !!!! you will not be disappointed because you will laugh from beginning to end !!!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sexual content, dangerous stunts, a drug-related incident and language
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Common Sense Media says Not enough magic to mostly unfunny Carell-Carrey comedy.
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