Proof Positive Hormones Know No Nationality.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 04, 2014
British, yes. Funny, at times. Cultural differences to US, many. Still, teen angst is international, as is teen awkwardness. The fixation on sex is also common. If you're looking for an international, "Sex Drive" knockoff, this is close. This film probably played better in the UK but it's not without an audience here. Just don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.
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Funny movie

By gatoboxer
Written September 10, 2012
Just the accent is annoying
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By milton72
Written September 10, 2012
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Awesome Comedy!

By Lccnardi
Written September 08, 2012
This film is far more hilarious than any other comedy I've seen in a LONG time! If you can watch some of the UK Series first to fully enjoy the film :)
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Not my kind of movie.

By ClaraNavaille
Written September 17, 2012
This movie did have some funny parts, but over all I'd say it was definitely not worth it to go and see it in theaters. It was very graphic and inappropriate, often showing wayyy more than I ever wanted to see. I think it is more guy-ish humor and that may have been why I didn't enjoy it. If you're into raunchy sex filled humor, this is a good movie for you, but otherwise I'd say pass on this one.
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