Excellent Movie

By indjeff
Written January 05, 2013
Very exciting from the beginning to the end. A true but slightly altered story. A couple of scenes you might need to turn your head. But I really enjoyed this movie. Excellent acting and wonderful cinematogrphy.
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Totally engrossing

By cgraubard
Written January 06, 2013
More graphic than I imagined .... But also fantastic. The visual imagery is amazing, as is the acting -- esp. Naomi Watts. Also loved the actor who plays the oldest son. He matures right before your eyes. Stunning and moving and gripping.
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Impossible to watch and have dry eyes!

By rtkql8r
Written January 06, 2013
This movie was a heavy one. You really got a sense of what it would have been like to experience a tsunami. The acting was superb. The boy who played Lucas should get an academy award. He stole the movie. Don't see this if you want a fun movie, but don't miss it either.
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Great story

By Vice_queen_of_movies
Written January 31, 2013
You really get a sense of how awful the devastation was after the tsunami. Very moving story with excellent acting, especially Naomi Watts and the boy who played her oldest son. I cried a lot - it was a very moving story and well worth seeing.
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Emotionally Gripping!

By JNewt87
Written May 23, 2013
From one of the earliest scenes, you are thrown directly into the tragedy that starts the emotional roller coaster you will endure throughout the film. The sadness and fear that I felt were overwhelming in the beginning!! From devastated, to hopeful, to elated, you are forced to FEEL SOMETHING from beginning to end with this movie, and that is what makes a film great in my opinion! A must see, highly recommended, but don't be surprised if you shed some tears. Also, I can't forget to mention the INCREDIBLE acting done, particularly by Naomi, as well as the young boy who played the oldest son Lucas. Loved it.
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