Prepare yourself

By Sandyporto
Written January 07, 2013
Before going to this movie you need ask yourself "am I in the mood for something so intense that I will be cringing for 1 1/2 hours? " I wasnt prepared. The cinematography is beyond imagine. The story line captivating primarily because it's a true story. Just know going into the theatre that you will not be humored or inspired. You will be emotionally torn frame at a time.
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Just too upsetting

By NYPerson1
Written January 05, 2013
The movie is well-acted, and the action scenes are genuinely riveting--but, why do we need this movie? It's really unpleasant to watch death and destruction, and there seems to be no point to having this movie made. The young man who plays Lucas is excellent.
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True Family Devotion

By lovehappyendings
Written October 23, 2014
Excellent story of people and family coming together. What an amazing story. How they survive is nothing short of "impossible". I love how the family was connected with their devotion to one another. Very well done.
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By mahka42
Written July 08, 2013
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A movie that defines the Tsunami experience

By thesearlsquirrel
Written August 20, 2014
For folks who have gone thru any type of family loss, or have had traumatic events their lives, this movie will definitely connect with you. The depiction of the fear, love and compassion are excellently done. This movie, to me, is the definitive one for giving you a feeling of what it must have been like during the Tsunami, similar to how Saving Private Ryan does that for the landing at Normandy. At times a stressful movie to watch, but, at least for the family, has a positive ending...
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