Totally engrossing

By cgraubard
Written April 30, 2016
More graphic than I imagined .... But also fantastic. The visual imagery is amazing, as is the acting -- esp. Naomi Watts. Also loved the actor who plays the oldest son. He matures right before your eyes. Stunning and moving and gripping.
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Makes you appreciate life even more...

By ladynansen
Written May 04, 2016
i cant fathom what this family or anyone else who were affected by this tsunami have gone thru. its heartwrenching to have somewhat of an idea of what these people went thru. thank you to Maria, Quique, Lucas, Tomas, and Simon for sharing your story!
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By trk31264
Written November 26, 2015
If I didn't know this was a true story, I would have thought this film was totally implausible and could never have happened in real life. What a memorable, touching and moving film. The director gives us a very vivid picture of the true magnitude of this disaster. The special effect of the enormous wave hitting the island was incredible.
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A Gripping Tale of Survival

By brianmed5
Written April 28, 2015
The impossible is a true survival story revolving around a family of six who become the untimely victims of one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history, the 2004 Tsunami of Thailand. The film opens with a local family lounging on an island beach resort when the impossible occurs, a freak tsunami wreaking havoc and destruction. In the wake of the aftermath, the family finds themselves on a perilous journey to reclaim what is lost in a barren wasteland of destruction. It's a heartbreaking tale of lost, tragedy, and triumph against the odds. For those seeking a tearjerker genre, this film is the place to be.
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Sad but Uplifting

By BoroAviator
Written January 26, 2015
I wish I could give this a "must go", but I can't. There were some aspects of this movie that could have been done much better. I hate to sound like the PC police, but I did find it odd that so many of the faces in the movie were white. I've never been to Thailand, but at times, it looked more like New Jersey based on the background faces. I couldn't help but let that throw me off just a little. Naomi Watts was great, but I saw one other performance last year that I thought was more Oscar worthy (SLP). The little boys in the movie are outstanding. Overall, this is a sad movie. The sniffles all around the theater were very audible. However, the uplifting parts are what I took out of the movie with me. These kind of movies make a person realize just how fleeting life is for EVERYBODY. Good movie. See it, but be prepared if you, or anyone you go along with, are already overly emotional.
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