By pedsarq
Written June 24, 2017
You should consider whether you're in the mood for a good cry or not before going to see this film. It's about the Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004. A family of 5 get swept away and split apart by it and the movie tracks the members as they search for each other. Apparently, the government and the medical staffs did a fantastic job for the victims and that really comes through in the film. It's also a movie that showcases the value of human life by showing the power of love and strong will. I enjoyed the film, but I must admit that there were a few scenes where I was in tears. If you don't mind shedding some, you'll be treating yourself to a first-rate film with terrific actors.
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SWEEPING movie..no pun intended

By edbeachbum
Written February 11, 2016
The visual effects are incredible. To recreate the horror of that day must have been heart wrenching! The storyline is even more heart wrenching. Bring your tissues. An incredible movie worth seeing in the theater.
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Heart-wrenching example of the Human Spirit

By Reel_Deal_Gal
Written July 01, 2016
I saw "Les Miserables" yesterday, and it didn't have near the emotional impact of this film. Literally, I sat in the theater for the full ten minutes of credits at the end just to compose myself, and even now, tearing up just thinking about it. Naomi Watts deserves an Oscar. Ewan McGregor and young Tom Holland, who plays one of their three sons, Lucas, in the film, are mesmerizing as well. The heart-stopping, gut-wrenching action starts very close to the beginning, as we see the family at and in the pool of a brand new luxury beach-side resort in Thailand on the day after Christmas, 2004. The Tsunami gives no more warning than a loud rumble and within 5 seconds, has engulfed everything in site in mind-boggling cinematography. This is a true story, with a capital "T." The producers make sure to imprint this fact on the audience by stating it not once, but twice on the opening 2 shots. In reality, the family was Spanish, but except for changing them to British for the movie, I understand
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The Impossible Delivers

By travelbluesea
Written June 22, 2017
You understand (as much as is possible) what it felt like to be there. I felt each stab of debris as victims tossed around in the tsunami. Amazing. I went back and watched you-tube videos of the tsunami and the film was spot on.
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Waste of time

By cielilund
Written June 24, 2017
Kept looking at my watch....certainly could have missed this one. Can't believe Watts nominated for Oscar ...all she did was moan and pass out.
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