The Immigrant Synopsis
Ewa Cybulski and her sister sail to New York from their native Poland in search of a new start and the American dream.
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A Well Acted Tribute to the Experience of Immigrants

By jzactor
This film is a stunning tribute to the experince of immigrants because very good actors make it so. The film gets tedious and slow at times but it serves the purpose. The story I am sure is based on...

The Immigrant (2014)

By kareenstipp
I thought the acting of Joaquin Phoenix for Bruno was wonderful with such depth, one of his best acting jobs ever, I loved to hate him. I also very much liked Jeremy Renner as Orlando, very well...

The Immigrant

By judithets
A very sad, beautiful film. Stayed in context - soft color, soft music, gentle camera. The story was in sync with all, beginning, middle and ending very poignant and touching. Perfect ending. A...

Slow, some great acting

By gordonschaye
This movie is slow without a lot of good plot development However Juaquin Phoenix is terrific Marion Cotillard is not...

Beautiful and Miraculous

By nialbuford
Featuring three brilliant actors in three brilliantly written roles, "The Immigrant" is a triumph of aesthetics, emotion, empathy and intelligence. It is a work that is more than though sum of it's...

By fma333
Great acting ! the story drags on too long...


By jabronski

Very Disappointing

By michelef1
Based on the stellar cast and the early reviews I had high expectations for this movie. The screening we attended was a full house, and we had a questionnaire to fill out before and after. I found...

Excellent movie!

By katsmovie
What a good movie! The acting, cinematography and directing were top notch. The story was heartbreaking and not "feel good". I tend to like real life drama and this movie reflects as such....


By jd2683
Jeremy Renner is really showing his acting chops as of late with American Hustle and now Immigrant. This is easily the best movie I've seen this year. It's reminiscent of something I would have...

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