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A Hard Look at a Tough Time for Women

By wallski
Written June 05, 2014
"Immigrant" tells the story of two Polish sisters who are emigrating to the US in 1921. Eva, the protagonist, has trouble at Ellis Island because she has been recorded 'possibly a woman of low morals' due to a shipboard incident. She defended herself against a gang rape but the men involved accused her of leading them on. Her sister Magda must first undergo months of hospitalization for a lung disease (tuberculosis, it turns out) before her admission can be decided. Bruno, who 'helps' Eva get into NYC, is a lowlife who runs a string of prostitutes. Realizing what Bruno has in store for her, Eva runs to her Aunt and Uncle who are supposed to be sponsoring her. But her Uncle is adamant to not help 'a woman of possibly low morals' so Eva is forced to make her peace with Bruno. The quality of the film is in the development of these two characters and their interactions. Both Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix give excellent performances, and the ending - well, see the picture.
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By frankhugus
Written May 30, 2014
Top notch performances by great cast. Excellent movie! Find it!
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