The Imitation Game Synopsis
Alan Turing, a pioneer of computers, led a group of scholars to crack the codes of Germany's WWII Enigma machine. A genius under nail-biting pressure helped to save millions of lives and was ultimately convicted for the crime of homosexuality.

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The Imitation Game

By jirvinj
An exceptional film, with a performance by Benedict Cumberbatch that will break your heart. An exciting, intelligent work that will touch anyone with its artful vision, historical relevance, and a...

Fascinating film with career best from Benedict Cumberbatch

By sarahwa
All I'd like to say is that it's the first film where the audience around me clapped at the end. Throughout the film they were as quiet as a church mouse , concentrating on the story as it unfolded. ...

Sublime Performance from Cumberbatch

By betina100
I saw this film a few weeks ago at a festival screening and it stays long in the mind and especially Cumberbatch's moving performance. I wasn't aware of Alan Turing before seeing the film but have...

Amazing movie.

By johnharrison667
I saw an advance screening of this movie and was so moved by it. It's such a powerful story and so masterfully executed by Cumberbatch and the rest of the cast. (Turing's life ought to be taught in...

Fascinating, Heartbreaking Story - Beautifully Acted

By nnschiff
A phenomenal, heartbreaking film with captivating performances. Benedict Cumberbatch once again amazes....

This is an important movie

By hotskoz
No spoiler alert needed. The Nazis did it and we won the war. This is the story of how the war was actually won in a small building in the middle of England.. But more than all that this is the story...

Brilliant evocation of an "on the spectrum" genius

By dafishman
While not a biopic of Alan Turing (it omits many of his achievements, while wrongly attributes to him leadership in the restriction of dissemination of Ultra decodes), The Imitation Game succeeds...

Outstanding performance by Benedict Cumberbatch

By chrisberni
Very good film, the kind that leaves you deep in contemplation as the credits roll. Great cast all around, and Benedict Cumberbatch was just outstanding. If you thought that Alan Turing sounds a bit...

It was ok.

By distefdo171
Not enough emphasis on historical aspect or cryptological aspect. Felt like watching 2 different stories....

This movie should've been so much better than it was

By lauriocl
The story of Alan Turing is so fascinating, but this felt so disconnected & flimsy. The acting was decent, but the structure of the film itself was awful. There was a feeble attempt to do every kind...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Sexual References, Mature Thematic Material and Historical Smoking
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Common Sense Media says Strong performances buoy teen-friendly historical drama.
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