Terry Gilliam's Dark Masterpiece

By QuanYin50
Written December 30, 2009
Great movie, in the tradition of the European surrealist film makers, like Fellini. Beautiful visuals and color, great fantasy scenes, phenomenal cast. Highly creative and unconventional. More serious than Gilliam's previous films, but still plenty of action, dwarfs, humor, fight scenes, slum scenes, etc. If you want a conventional plot and dislike psychedelic mind bending stuff that's outside of the box, you might not go for this. If you want a thinking person's film that's beautiful to see--go. Great performances from the entire cast--Heath Ledger, Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits, Lily Cole, et. al. Terry Gilliam is a complete original.
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Whimsical but Ellusive

By franks1978
Written January 16, 2010
If you enjoyed Avatar, you're probably not smart enough to enjoy this movie. Unlike Avatar, this movie is legitimately visually imaginative, and features an array of enjoyable performances, notably Christopher Plummer's Parnassus and Tom Waits as Mr. Nick. If you require a cohsive plot, this movie probably is not for you as this film intentionally meanders, and although it seems to beg for an allegorical analysis, I'm not sure that works. Still, this was a lot of fun, and the sort of movie that might reward repeat viewings.
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great fantasy trip

By alejandrony75
Written January 04, 2010
I enjoyed the movie. Original story. Amazing imagination. Great performances. Heath was becoming a greater actor...too bad he is no longer with us. His talent will be missed.
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Extraordinary Imagination

By moviefanster98
Written December 08, 2009
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassum is a brilliantly unusual, idiosyncratic film full of amazing visuals. It shows a mind-boggling imagination at work, flowing from one colorful, surreal moment to the next. Though the characters' journeys are internal, the movie travels everywhere, through incredibly varied landscapes, and it feels epic. But it doesn't just do all this in a remote, detached way. It has an off-beat sense of humor and despite a very free narrative flow, Terry Gilliam has a great command of dramatic and emotional tools, and you get swept up in the experience. Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law stepping in and playing Heath Ledger's role (he passed away during the filming) actually works out perfectly and all the actors do a great job, including the young principals in Christopher Plummer's traveling theater troupe.
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By jacobhisle
Written July 27, 2016
It's the BOMB.COM!
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