Don't go hoping for Belleville part 2

By the_somniac
Written December 30, 2010
The Illusionist has very little of the hilarity, perversity and mad glee of The Triplets of Belleville. But it is astonishing in its own right. Of course the animation is masterful, but its also deeply nuanced, with several things of interest happening at the same time, and the tiniest details of characters' attitudes and actions slipping across the screen. The story is deeply melancholy, a love song to a magical world of performance and understated, personal craftsmanship. I wasn't prepared to watch such a world die before my eyes on the screen.
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The Illusionist

By amazfan
Written December 26, 2010
Lovely to look at. The mood is bittersweet. The larger lesson about acceptance of life's changes and agonies and compensations is presented very gently. Oddly, the audience was very quiet with minimal laughter at the whimsical humor. I plan to see it again and again.
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Decent, beautiful annimation, slow moving

By jedbassett
Written January 15, 2011
I enjoyed the movie, but slow and not that easy to follow. Some french that wasn't translated and it ended with little resolution in my opinion.
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I was Cheated

By Captain_K
Written February 13, 2011
There is very little to recommend about this "Movie" The characters are flat and the plot is uninspiring. To those of you who gave this a glowing review....the King has no clothes....
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The Illusionist

By lcm276
Written January 16, 2011
A waste of time and money!
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