The Idol Synopsis
Gaza. Synonymous to so many with conflict, destruction and despair but to Mohammed Assaf, and his sister Nour, Gaza is their home and their playground.
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Movie Reviews

the Idol

By bbvhnew
excellent movie.......

The Idol

By lvl7981
I am still thinking about this movie that I saw with my children 5 days ago. This is a feel-good movie that also gives you a look inside the real Palestinian dilemma. It has been a while since a...

Entertaining and enlightening

By rmsimon
feel good story of wild dreams coming true against the backdrop of bombed out Gaza....

Loved this movie. Thank you.

By buyestate

Well worth seeing

By Goodfilmgirl
Film cans be a way to inform and educate--and "the Idol" not only entertains and warms the heart, the backdrop of Gaza tells another story visually. We loved this film....

The Idol

By Ecruzdc
The cinematography was beautiful; shows the political struggles faced back home and what the pop star endured to the top....

Excellent Palestinian Movie

By Ahmad D