Love Gosling

By Sheltiemomm
Written October 14, 2011
Cast was superb, everyone had a personal best in this intrigue-filled gem. Fantastically added was, Jeffrey Right, as a pivotal character. Gossling envelops any human emotion imaginable! Thrilled to see our VAMP from True Blood in a 'human' role. Would've given, 'must go!' if it had less patent politcial slants woven throughout the film. ....pass the popcorn, pls......
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The Ides of March: A-

By MattH306
Written October 15, 2011
Very well acted and not overtly political
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Ides of March

By mustbinsun
Written October 09, 2011
Excellent, tuant movie; good characters; tension builds throughout the movie at an even pace; great writing and storyline; absolutely ; a must see !
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For those of you who love political movies

By xxjanderxx
Written October 20, 2011
I was so excited to see this movie. But they show almost all of the plot in the trailer. I would have waited for it to be on dvd. It wasn't worth the $ I spent. There is two things that you don't see in the trailer. Other than that if you watch the trailer you have seen the movie. Ryan wasn't even worth it :)
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Slow with no sizzle

By pmcculloch
Written October 19, 2011
I suppose it was a realistic political drama....but there was never an "Oh My Gosh!" moment. All-star cast that never made me care about the characters. Was probably a subtle arc for Gosling's Stephen, but not much else to write home about regarding Clooney, PSH, Giamatti or Tomei. Evan Rachel Wood delivered the best performance. a disappointing C+; worth a DVD rental, not the theater price.
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