The Ides of March Synopsis
A press secretary becomes involved in a scandal that threatens his candidate's election chances.
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Love Gosling

By Sheltiemomm
Cast was superb, everyone had a personal best in this intrigue-filled gem. Fantastically added was, Jeffrey Right, as a pivotal character. Gossling envelops any human emotion imaginable! Thrilled to...

The Ides of March: A-

By MattH306
Very well acted and not overtly political...

Ides of March

By mustbinsun
Excellent, tuant movie; good characters; tension builds throughout the movie at an even pace; great writing and storyline; absolutely ; a must see !...

For those of you who love political movies

By xxjanderxx
I was so excited to see this movie. But they show almost all of the plot in the trailer. I would have waited for it to be on dvd. It wasn't worth the $ I spent. There is two things that you don't see...

Slow with no sizzle

By pmcculloch
I suppose it was a realistic political drama....but there was never an "Oh My Gosh!" moment. All-star cast that never made me care about the characters. Was probably a subtle arc for...

An excellent piece

By Rozzik
The movie had an excellent plot, directing style, music to speech proportions, and the viewers(me) interest. However, If you are not a person who likes to think while at the movies, to try and follow...

Ides of March

By kentridge
Anyone who loves politics should see this - while its just a string of would-be bad things that happen in a campaign its still reminds one of behind the scenes "dealing". Maybe something based on a...

Ides of March Runs Idle

By Cthulhu Zulu
The film was enjoyable and kept me guessing the whole way through. Right when you think you figured it out, another twist throws you off. I think Clooney failed in getting the best emotional...

An actor's movie

By review_central
Not what I expected -- in that this was a very intimate movie without big action scenes -- but honestly, some of the best performances I have ever seen. Such nuanced emotion, such fine-tuning of...

The Ides of March review

By rcpilot
It was okay...

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Rated R | For Pervasive language
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Common Sense Media says Smart, cynical thriller deals in political excesses.
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