The Ice Storm review

By jodyandcobee
Written March 20, 2012
my life flashed before me, I totally related
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Filmmaking which speaks to the soul

By avckc
Written April 02, 2009
The characters in this movie are isolated and lonely, and seemingly detached from all emotion. Seems boring, but set within the sad beauty of an ice storm, this movie speaks very movingly. The characters all seek some sort of elusive satisfaction through various destructive or experimental diversions. Kevin Kline & Sigourney Weaver through infidelity, Joan Allen through shoplifting, Christina Ricci through sexual exploration, and most everyone through alcohol. A key party, and the background of Watergate, 70's TV and style contrast with the outdoor beauty, and the beauty of the actors and actresses. This movie seems to beg for more characterization, but ultimately, the lack of characterization is more than made up for by Ang Lee's cinematic skill, and the loneliness that the lack of characterization evokes. This movie speaks more to the way we remember than to the way we experience. It speaks to the soul.
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By lugubriousthespian
Written August 29, 2009
Ang Lee's suburban drama THE ICE STORM is a searingly provocative indictment of a culture on a downward spiral. Set in the late 70s, Lee's story centers on two sets of families whose parental figures are dabling in extra-marital affairs, drug use and hedonistic sexual practices - just as the younger set is doing with their friends and neighbors. Darkly humorous, this piece has remarkably understated performances across the board, noatbly from Joan Allen, Kevin Kline and Elijah Wood. Ang Lee is so masterful at bringing all human foibles front and center then exposng the decay underneath. Marvelous film-making at it's sublime best!
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