The Iceman (2013) Synopsis
Hit man Richard Kuklinski gains a well-deserved reputation as a cold-blooded killer.
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Get out of the heat and see this movie

By bartab
Michael Shannon is perfect as the Iceman. This is a violent movie .It reminded me of the book the Westies .There are some similarities.Winona Ryder is good as the Icemans wife.She did not have a clue...

Not very good

By mattcmason
Michael Shannon was a fantastic catch to portray Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski, but his talents can't save this flop of a movie. The movie is represented as being "based on a true story", but the...


By bobboehmer
Michael Shannon was very good and Ray Liota was good too, but the bottom line is this is just another gangsta movie...nothing outstanding here..wait till it.s free on cable....

Based on a true story -- Wow!

By pedsarq
I didn't realize that this film was based on a true story until after I started to watch it. It's basically the life story of a cold, hardworking man who ultimately gets identified by the mafia as a...

The Iceman

By RonnysGirl55
SweeneysWoman This was an outstanding movie IF you are into movies based on real life drama. If you going just to watch a mobster movie you'll enjoy the flick, but knowing the facts about...

Tough, Lean, Mob Movie with a Spellbinding Performance by Michael Shannon

By hobbes3
It won't come as a surprise to anyone how good Michael Shannon is at portraying The Ice Man’s dual nature. The ultimate Jekyll and Hyde, equal parts callous and merciless sociopath exuding...


By zenbiker
Very disappointing. Acting was good but the story held no real surprises, the plot was thin and the audience was sililent throughout the movie. When it was over, everyone just got up and left,...

Compelling, realistic depiction at a hitman's life

By edosborn1
This movie is a very interesting look at the life of a complicated character. It doesn't over-dramatize or try to overdo violence or things like that. Just really good....


By robert8268
perfect casting the iceman character is incredible, a very entertaining movie....

Cold Blooded

By MysticPistol
The moral of the story is that cold blooded killers are people too. Michael Shannon was excellent as the nearly emotionless hit man who loved no one but his wife and kids. I think the movie would...

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Rated R | For Strong violence, pervasive language and some sexual content.
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Common Sense Media says Extremely violent portrait of unrepentant real-life killer.
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