A must see.

By QuickToWalk
Written January 16, 2009
I recently saw this old movie and really liked it a lot. Paul Newman stars as a pool hustler, posing as a traveling salesman. He acts like a poor shooter, but the table soon turn many times. Writer-producer-director Robert Rossen does a splendid job of telling this gritty story
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THE HUSTLER ~ Still A Winner

By lugubriousthespian
Written March 03, 2009
Robert Rossen's gritty portrait of a small-time pool shark ( marvelously acted by Paul Newman ) "Fast Eddie Felson who seeks out to roll over big-time billiards masters Minnesota Fats ( Jackie Gleason in a powerfully understated performance ) is a still a first-rate character study of a self destructive personalities finding redemption. The stark b&w photography and plaintive, moody jazz underscoring only heighten the gorgeous brooding moodiness this film evokes, as does the wonderful supporting players including George C. Scott as a ruthless gambler, Piper Laurie as Eddie's damaged, alcoholic girlfriend and Murray Hamilton as a very eccentric millionaire. The pool game footage is some of the most exciting sports oriented filming ever captured on celluloid. A definite must-see!
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