The Hurt Locker Synopsis
Members (Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty) of a bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad face increasingly perilous situations as their tour-of-duty winds down.
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THE HURT LOCKER - explosively on target! Rating: 90 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

A few weeks ago, I attended the advance press preview of this TERRIFIC movie - and it has stuck in my mind all along despite my busy schedule and everything else going on. I keep thinking that I...

Go see it now!

By cak100p
If you were to just walk in watch the first scene and walk out, it would be worth the dough you plopped down to see it. Katherine Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker" is a visceral ride along side the members...

The Hurt Locker

By Johannag01
This is a fantastic movie. I was leery of seeing a war movie even though I am a military officer. It is more a story of teamwork and the human experience but set in Iraq in 2004. The makers do not...

The Hurt Locker

By Cadadia
Excellent Film. The Director and writer have actually managed to bring a fresh perspective to the disaster that is the war in Iraq while keeping specific focus on character study.Mood-set excellent....

Not bad not good

By Cal95634
If you've never been in a combat zone or never been in the military, you'll probobly like this movie. But if you have don't bother; the fieldcraft mistakes will drive you crazy. This movie really...

Fun but tension-filled summer Action movie (My First Review)

By mulekiller
Saw it at a screening a couple days ago and was overjoyed by a complete surprise of a movie. While a great deal of war-centric movies as of late have focused on the political right and wrongs, The...

Must See

By ccg5f
This is not a movie about the war in Iraq. It is a movie about the psychological stress of war. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen--and I've seen a lot of movies of all types. As a woman, a...

Great action horrible accuracy

By K21bombtek
Let me start off by saying that the film was extremely entertaining and very easy to watch. The acting is great, the set is great and the effects were spectacular. If you want to be entertained...

The Hurt Locker

By orechtman
Great movie. If you truly want to know what it means to be a soldier for the US army - protecting not your homeland but building a safer place for other countries from insurgents - go see this...

The Hurt Locker

By jackson1327
This movie is on my list as one of the best of the year. There is intense action in every reel and you never know who will be killed next. The sound is also outstanding. This should be on...

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Rated R | For War Violence and Language
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Common Sense Media says Violent, complex Iraq war drama is rough, tough, thrilling.
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