The Huntsman: Winter's War Synopsis
Long before the evil Queen Ravenna was thought vanquished by Snow White’s blade, she watched silently as her sister, Freya, suffered a heartbreaking betrayal and fled their kingdom.
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Great Fantasy Film!

By Quiksilva19
Great fantasy film with a good message! I think that this is a FAR better movie than the 1st Huntsman. This is so much more fun and waaay better acting. Go and enjoy this movie....

great effects!

By ernestomasis
the story is weak but it compensates with the amazing special effects, certainly a must see!...

Love it!

By Maryborja

Better than expected!

By Palms89
I didn't see Snow White and the Huntsman, however, I was offered a free pass to see a screening a few data before the movie premiered. I loved the costumes and makeup. For this not being a huge...

great lovers

By kanxinyu97
I didn't forget love. I just bended from my heart....

Aurora movie goer

By burrellp
The movie was kind of slow. Good special effects though it would have been better in 3D. The best parts came too fast and too short. The first one was far better surprisingly. I give it a C....


By egonzalez5
The movie was unexpected due to its mainly comedic commentary and kind of dragged at the beginning. It was mediocre at best not my favorite...

Just OK

By mavram
Let me start by saying that the first movie is way way way better than this movie. This movie was good, but it was far from great. I did not fall asleep during the movie and was entertained, yet it...

What do I think?!

By gloriaybarra17
I loved it. I love the mix of surprises as well as the action and can't forget the HOT romance between the hunters Eric and Sarah. The ending I have to say was both happy and sad but I still loved...

By Rpjellybean

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Rated PG-13 | For Fantasy action violence and some sensuality.
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Common Sense Media says Messy, violent Snow White sequel wastes its great actors.
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