Great Movie

By oighoda1
Written April 06, 2012
the movie has a great plot and adventure. I really liked the movie and enjoyed it.
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By Peneflix
Written May 10, 2012
"THE HUNTER" (On Demand) starring the remarkable, fearless, William DaFoe as "Martin", a mercenary hired by an untoward biotech company to "capture" the last, illusive Tasmanian Tiger; reasons being highly suspect. "Martin" is frigid, calculating, cemented to his mission, his every move honed to perfection, never a misplaced step or unprovoked action; mind, body and temperament conditioned by his trade. His facade is fissured by the "host" family; husband gone missing, self-medicating wife, two precocious, unattended children. Skillfully, the plot revolves around Martin’s matriculation from cold -blooded "hunter", discovering untapped, virginal reservoirs of emotions. The children are the catalyst; the "tiger" completes Martin’s metamorphosis. "The Hunter" is mesmerizing, mysterious, unnerving, disturbing and harbors plenty of "Tasmanian Devils", contributing chillingly to the fear factor. THREE STARS!!! For Now.......Peneflix ***
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By Mr Film Freak
Written December 27, 2015
Just caught TheHunter, Not really what I expected but this was a solid piece of work non the less! I like this WillamDafoe!
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By Franklaugustine
Written April 09, 2012
Dafoe is an excellent actor. Really good story. Believable. Very good cinematography. See it.
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'The Hunter' is an extremely interesting story with great cinematic mystery to draw you in.

By Dominic LeRose
Written July 02, 2016
Wildlife is a majestic aspect of existence that is portrayed in cinema. It has never been more mysteriously and brilliantly than in Daniel Nettheim's 'The Hunter.' Willem Dafoe stars as Martin, a mercenary sent to Tasmani by a biotechnology to find the last Tasmanian Tiger that is rumored to exist. The company wants Martin to kill it in order to bring genetic material such as DNA, hair, skull, and teeth to genetically manipulate it or possibly even use the corpse's material for remains. As Martin travels to Tasmania, he stays with a woman and two children who's father and husband researched the tiger and died in the process. But was it from the creature? This film asks questions like "is this species still in existence?" and "how corrupt is man on wildlife?". The film has spectacular cinematography that makes you feel like your standing in Tasmania in the fog and dense, lush forest searching for the creature as well. The mystery and suspense that director Daniel Nettheim incorporates into his film gives the film exceptional entertainment value while capturing the brilliant story. The acting is good, but isn't the main focus of the film. The directing aspects and themes of nature and corruption make this film a monument. Never in a long time has a film been so interesting, intriguing and suspenseful and contains a brilliant topic that is shocking and profound as 'The Hunter.'
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