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The Hunger Games Synopsis
In a place once known as North America, youths fight to the death in a nationally televised contest.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
As tough-spirited as fans would hope for - and exciting and thought-provoking in a way few adventure dramas ever are.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
A muscular, honorable, unflinching translation of Collins' vision. It's brutal where it needs to be, particularly when children fight and...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
My advice is to keep your eyes on Lawrence, who turns the movie into a victory by presenting a heroine propelled by principle instead of...
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By Bob Mondello
The Hunger Games' pacing is brisk, its stakes as high as stakes get, and its leading lady engaging enough that the odds - at the box office...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
What The Hunger Games does have is a game cast, a large budget well spent, Collins on board as co-writer, and Lawrence as Katniss.
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USA Today

By Scott Bowles
The action is brisk, the acting is solid, and barring an unlikely failure at the box office, a franchise is born. Let the games begin.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Amy Biancolli
This is better than any of the "Twilights." It features a functioning creative imagination and lots of honest-to-goodness acting by its...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Todd McCarthy
As she did in her breakthrough film Winter's Bone, Jennifer Lawrence anchors this futuristic and politicized elaboration of The Most...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
It also smells very much like a movie with money on its mind - not altogether successfully balancing its loftier ideas with a sense of...
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
In The Hunger Games it's both a feast of cheesy spectacle and a famine of genuine feeling, except for the powerful - and touchingly...
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A very abridged version of the book :-/

By kristal.matlock
The Hunger Games was a good movie but could have been great! The cast that was picked is excellent and embodies what I pictured in the book well. Where this movie disappointed me was in the...

Didn't Get Any Sleep!

By i_want_tickets_now
in terms of a movie, it is FANTASTIC. in terms of the book, meh... they definitely left out a few key parts if you read the book. *******SPOILER ALERT - if you haven't read the book, DONT READ...

Loved it!

By Leilmil
As a fan of the book who understands that everything cannot always be included in the movie I loved this film! They hit all the main points, it had smooth flow, it was deep and really captured the...

The Hunger Games

By maurabain
I really liked the film. I have two teenage daughters who have read all of the books and heard all the excitement building up to this event. So nice to have a movie without foul language, sex, and...

The movie was ok...

By LynneMcV
The story was fine. Jennifer Lawrence was great; the best part of the movie. Donald Sutherland was very good; I could really feel his hatred. But the way it was filmed was extremely annoying. I...

Great book to movie rendition!!

By familyisgood
Fantastic job! I saw the movie at the midnight premier on front row seats.... So, i need to see it again with better seats!! :) I was very interested to see how they would make this movie without it...

Loved it!

By ginad602
One of the better film adaptations of a book I have seen in quite some time. Have seen it twice already....just might see it a third time :)...

Hunger Games

By jgowan
Absolutely great. Really takes into a world that could happen. Follows the book extremely well. Pacing is excellent, and characters are outstanding. Looking forward to more character develoipment...

Difficult to make great books into Epic movies

By Tomasgoblue
I am usually disappointed when i read a book before seeing a movie as i note every detail that is changed. With that being said it is terribly difficult to enjoy a movie more than a book as a book can...

Darn Jumpy Camera Work

By zennymar10
Who ever thought that real time, camera action would be so awesome to see on the big screen, obviously never had an inner ear infection. Even the still shots, slide around. I got so motion sick by...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense violent thematic material and disturbing images - all involving teens
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Common Sense Media says Iffy for 13+ Intense adaptation is violent, thought-provoking for teens.
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