• Released
  • March 23, 2012
  • (Available in IMAX for One Week Only!)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 22 min
  • Action/Adventure

Worth staying up for the midnight show

By rantnnravin
Written March 23, 2012
Hunger Games (no spoilers): Cinematography: Raw, frenetic - enhances the mood and surreal quality of things happening around Katniss Story: excellent, but some ideas were not fully elaborated and lost their full impact if the viewer has not read the book Sequencing: There were some issues affecting full understanding due to changes made in the order/way information is revealed -- according to my HG Trilogy Fanatic Daughter, there were also references made to things that happened in Catching Fire (Book 2) Overall Changes: There were a few changes made to events/details in the story that HGTFD felt altered thematic understanding Rating: It was a bit violent. I would not recommend it for children if they have not read the book.
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Hungry for more

By Krash69
Written March 23, 2012
I know there are inevitably differences when books are made into movies but that doesn't mean it is unfair for readers of the book to use it as a litmus test. While the movie was an entertaining diversion, I think they could have done a better job with this adaptation. First, Peeta was miscast; not a huge deal but a contributing factor. Second, since the gifter of the pin was changed to Prim for the movie I guess that means. Third, it's very difficult to develop a connection to the characters with such poor character development. Kat's flashback to the mine explosion means nothing unless you read the book and even as someone who did I thought it was odd that the sequence wasn't shown in the very beginning to establish the context of her family life. I'm already tired of hearing the excuses about the difficulty of translating internal dialogue into movie action. That's their job. If it was easy then I would be working on screen plays right now.
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The Hunger Games - Cinematic Excellence!

By Mid-Atlantic-Neal
Written March 23, 2012
I read all 3 books & looked forward to this screen adaptation, which turned out Superb. LOVED IT! Reading the book(s) 1st is not necessary, but will enrich your viewing experience by allowing you to recognize elements of the story that shape understanding the brutality of the oppressive government of Panem. Casting & performances were like Katniss hitting the bullseye with her arrow! Direction was on the mark as well, as Director teamed with author to write screenplay & delivered a vision of the movie & performances from the cast that were also on-target. The cinematography & costumes were brilliant in that they created the on-screen vision of what only exists in your mind if you've read the book. The on-screen violence is deftly handled so as not to be a slasher movie. If your kid will not be upset over kid-on-kid violence, they're ok to see it. Movie will appeal to all ages, M&F and is 1/3 of the story. The Tribute's fight to the death is not the point. There's much more to come!
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Hunger for this movie

By Darkola
Written March 24, 2012
This is one of the better movies I have seen in some time now, I've seen alot of hype for this movie, and as far as I'm concerned, its lived up to it. I'd advise paying attention to the beginning, the writing, to understand the era/situation in which they are in, why there are 12 districts, and why they elect one male, and one female to participate in what is called The Hunger Games .... where they fight to the death, until only one survives. The acting in this was very good for most the characters, and say Jennifer Lawrence did an excelent job playing her part. The story itself was a good story, I believe there was a book out, I never read it to compare how they followed it, but did like the story. The scenery in the movie was also very good. I'd give this 3 1/2 stars out of 4, the only real flaw I found with this movie was the lack of action in it. Save yourself some money and dont see it in imax, as I feel in this case it really didnt add anything to justify the price upgrade.
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Great Movie - Awful in IMAX

By Kell108
Written March 26, 2012
This movie rocked it - great adaptation from the book. Enthralling and exciting. BUT!!!!! The IMAX version is AWFUL!! I've been to tons of IMAX movies without an issue, but this one made me so ILL I could hardly watch the whole movie!! All that pan and scan, in and out of focus, jerky camera movements = major motion sickness and headache. Half the people in the theatre we holding their heads by the time The Reaping started, and many began to walk out to take a break by the Rue Death scene. So sad.... really was looking forward to being in The Arena with the tributes, not the louge with the other sick movie-goers!!!
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