By michaelgarzaacting
Written November 09, 2015
The film is just amazing, I was blown away. Even the smaller roles, had good acting. I think this movie just shows how war can effect everyone and everything. If you have a teen, Im sure they've already seen the first two. But, if you are an adult you will love the movie just as much! Make sure to watch the first two, I warn you though, the first one is not that great, they hired a new director for the second one and the last two Mockingjay's (Part 1 and Part 2)
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Mockingjay Part 1

By poner1
Written October 16, 2015
this was an excellent movie. I thouroughly enjoyed the way it started and ended. I think if you read this books you will be very satisfied with this film. Can't wait till part @!!!! xxxxxxxx
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pretty darn boring

By abennard
Written February 21, 2015
its really hard to rate this after all the exciting building up from the last movie.....however this movie was so boring we almost fell asleep! it waa a half hour too long with too many useless scenes. it's almost as if they added a bunch of extra crap just to draw it out for the next movie. they could have made it a half hour to 45 min longer and not needed part 2.
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Not so great

By shakyaprabesh
Written February 21, 2015
Went to see this movie with a lot if expectation and this thoroughly sucked. Too slow and too bored. Lawrence can act, she single handedly took control, rest was such a waste of time. Should have just made part 1&2 in the same movie.
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By mondini7
Written February 21, 2015
Little to no action. Dialogue was a yawner, and the acting was not credible. Overall a teeny bopper movie for those cult type of fans that are not old enough to have a cocktail or beer after a good movie. I almost fell asleep on three different occasions.
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