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Too much to take in and too thin a plot line.

By KateDeem
Written November 22, 2013
While the acting was amazing, I have two complaints. 1. This movie has crying scene after explosion after screaming after running after crying scene. It feels like too much one after another, without enough breathing time in the middle to let adrenaline settle. Getting out of the movie I felt like throwing up from the more than hour of constant mood swings from the scary to exciting to heart-breaking scenes. Completely ruined the movie for me, and I felt like a total wreak after. 2. People seeing it who haven't read the book do not understand the plot line, even if they saw the first movie. It didn't explain as much as they had in the first movie, and went too much into the book without giving enough explanation. I have read the book but my friend that hadn't was very lost the whole time. These two things made it a pretty bad movie, which I hated because I have read all the books and saw the first movie.
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Catching Fire rehashes the first film

By triathlondude
Written December 01, 2013
It was a rehash of the first one. Not a lot of new stuff going on. The first hour and twenty minutes are yawn inducing, but the second half is okay. The book is so much better . . . and yet the movie followed the book pretty closely. I guess that seeing it narrows the view to one point of view - what you're seeing on screen, but when reading, ones own imagination does a better job at filling in the blanks. It's not a bad movie, just kinda boring.
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New hunger games

By mccaviglia514
Written November 22, 2013
I have 4 daughters and I went to see the new one in the series last night. I enjoyed the first movie as did my kids and did look forward to the second one. To be honest I waited for the movie to really get going but ended up finding that it was just like twilight great for kids and women but not for me. Just when I thought the movie was going to get going it was over. I am not really looking to see the 3rd one that I know is coming but in being a dad unfortunately I will have to.
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Much better than the 1st!

By tdyson
Written November 24, 2013
The Hunger Games Original Movie should be remade to make it as good as Catching Fire! I was disappointed in the 1st and worried about the 2nd. No need to worry! Catching Fire sticks closer to the feel of the book. Go see it!
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The Hunger Games CATCHING FIRE

By lizk50
Written November 23, 2013
The story line was close to the book, it was very enjoyable and exciting to watch. The actors did a great job. I do not think it is for young children. I am looking forward to see the next one when it comes out.
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