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Catching Fire

By Corvette15
Written January 02, 2014
This was another great movie…….but I would say the ending was not. Not because I did or did not like it but because it was very abrupt. Did love both of these movies though and you get a lot of show time for your money. 2 1/12 hours almost. Now that is worth it!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE !!!!!!
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Catching Fire

By msgarraux
Written December 02, 2013
Having loved the three books and having thoroughly enjoyed the first Hunger Games movie, I had eagerly awaited Catching Fire. Of the three books, I thought, this one would provide the MOST opportunity for exciting filmmaking. Wow, was I disappointed! The movie was slow -- boring, even. The emotional richness and character depth of the first movie were missing. The characters seemed wooden and resigned as they slogged through their lines. Scenes that could have been poignant or exciting were rushed through, as if the production crew had a checklist of things that happened in the book and just needed to make sure each was represented, no matter how flittingly. It seemed almost like a documentary. Look at Katniss on the movie poster; even she looks bored! Anyone who has not seen the first movie will be lost; there is, for example, not even a mention of what the Hunger Games are. Maybe my expectations were just too high; lowering yours somewhat might enable you to enjoy this movie more.
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Just as slow as the first

By starrygirl2003
Written March 02, 2014
I will give them credit for following the book more, but once again the movie is drawn out too much and takes for god damn ever to get to the good parts. I don't get what all the fuss is about this series. Katniss has not a lot of redeeming qualities and nor do I believe that Peeta does either. I found myself waiting for the movie to end rather than end too quickly. Wouldn't be surprised if Part III is as dull as these two.
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The Hunger Games Catching Fire

By djbilinski
Written December 26, 2013
I loved Catching Fire- It is more serious than the first, the characters are more developed.. It is not for kids, none of this series is. The acting was great the sets were breath taking.
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Okay movie

By Empress101
Written November 24, 2013
The movie had some great scenes that was rather exciting and thrilling However, I personally think that the first Hunger Games was a lot better compared to this one. Overall, in my opinion I would say that it was an okay movie.
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