A delicious journey

By jeffny2003
Written April 22, 2016
A wonderful film about a young Indian man's dream to become a master chef. Helen Mirren, as always, gives a strong performance, they even mange to sneak in a witty referral to her as "Queen". Since this film is based on a novel, the writing is filled with many cliche moments; however, in this case, they work splendidly. Strong support is provided by Indian actors, Om Puri and Menish Dayal. Beautifully set in Paris, and directed with a smooth even pace, the film is suitable for all age groups, but will definitely appeal strongly to older audiences. Of course, given the A list producers involved, e.g. Oprah and Spielberg, this film is sure to please. Definitely see on a full stomach, otherwise you'll have a strong craving for food afterwards.
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The best kind of movie.

By karlknoll
Written May 15, 2015
I am so grateful that occasionally Hollywood still puts out a movie like this one. Beautifully filmed, wonderfully written and impeccably acted. This was absolutely entertaining and uplifting and without anything that requires me to plug my children's ears or close their eyes. Bravo!
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By janettesayyes
Written June 09, 2015
It truly played to the senses! We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Helen Mirin as usual did an excellent job as well as all the cast members! The actor who played Hassan was just dreamy....could watch him forever! The scenes between him and Marguerite were very believable - you good feel the chemistry between them.
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Uplifting, beautiful scenery, great acting

By nancylh
Written June 03, 2015
I was so impressed with the locale of this movie and all the wonderful food! Helen Mirren, was, of course, fabulous. Well worth seeing - a real joy!
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Very good

By Richardhyan131
Written May 19, 2015
True foodie movie.
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