The Hulk

By juanton100
Written June 28, 2008
o.k. so I think this movie was great, but on the other hand, the child scene didn't need to be added. I did want the next Hulk movie to be played by Eric Bana. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that Edward Norton is a better actor than Eric Bana, but Eirc should have stayed the part.
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Pretty good

By movie-fan_ colts
Written June 27, 2016
Good adaption of the comics. The new movie is better.
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F- for failing

By Mr.Le-bow-ski
Written June 26, 2008
Total ******* ****. Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. This movie had hulk dogs and 30ft hulk.
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f*** this movie

By nocountryforironman
Written June 27, 2008
the main actor is the biggest duescebag ever the hulk looked like a fish man they had hulk dogs that exploded into green pixie dust it had the special effects sucked ****
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By lilbizzynp2
Written July 24, 2008
Okay they say the actor sucked na he was worth seeing some say the story was off na it was worth seeing to But the HE double hockey sticks is up with the VILLAN the greatest accompany ment to a movie is the villian how do you know hes a hero unless he has to fight something that can kill him meaning it could kill a regular person in seconds causeing the need for a hero I bet you with you would have had a hulk around with that saw guy running around hell he would have made a better one than a cloud of lighting bolts the creation of a better badguy would have given the story more flavor and you would have not payed attention to the story being off of what happend in the comic
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