It was ok - seemed like a tv special

By AmandaWhurlitzer
Written October 16, 2012
I thought the movie was ok - but I was bored after about 30 minutes. Like another reviewer mentioned, it was repetitive, and repeated to much of the same information over and over again. There was some interesting information. A big part of it, or the main theme seemed to be - why so much jail time for a non-violent crime like drug dealing, or doing drugs ~ I would recommend a dvd rental for this - or the dollar theatre ... it just didn't have enough to keep me interested.
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The House I Live In

By kmartin108
Written October 14, 2012
Please see this compelling documentary. Mass incarcerations from the drug war may well be the most critical issue facing our country at this time. The humanitarian and economic consequences are far beyond what I had been aware of. The House I Live In clearly explains the problem and challenges us all to do our part to turn the tide. I thank the makers of this film. I expect this film to win several awards. It's extremely well done.
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The House I live In

By keivamorgan
Written October 09, 2012
This film was very informative for the persons who had no knowledge of the impact of drugs, full circle. This is my life, the part that I try not to dwell on. Drug rehabilatation centers were not being built until the white kids began to get dope sick. Before that who cared if we went into an abandoned building and you stayed there until you kicked,which usually took a week. Sick, throwing up, loose bowels, cold, hot and cold sweats, and your people came through to bring you some chicken broth and make sure you did not die. i do not have one friend who has Not been affected by prisons or drug addiction. So who is this film for? Almost just like the War on Drugs 1997, Did Sharanda Jones get out prison?
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The Intouchables

By nyjones9
Written November 09, 2012
a great see film...
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