By skaterbaby94
Written June 07, 2008
If you like the Girls Next Door, than you have to see this. It is a halarious movie just from the commercials.....
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Anna Faris

By BeccaBoo202
Written July 31, 2008
anna faris is a comical genius! she is hilarious in ( almost ) all of her movie's!
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“THE HOUSE BUNNY” – Mothering G(r)eeks Can Be Rewarding --

By jimchudnow
Written August 21, 2008
[Based on an advance preview:] ANNA FARIS stars as a “Playboy” type Bunny who’s suddenly made homeless by unexpected shenanigans. Needing a place to stay, she hits upon being a HOUSE mother to a Greek-named Zeta Sorority house that’s under threat of being disbanded because of a lack of pledges. Anna (who got great guffaws from the audience each time she used a low-pitched growling voice) works hard to help the GEEKY girls in the House try to become more appealing to boys & thus to potential-pledging girls. Anna is ditzy & not very educated in book-learning, but she’s not a “dumb” or stupid blonde, she has a good HEART, & works hard to IMPROVE the girls and also herself (for potential beau COLIN HANKS). This is not especially well-written (cleverness-wise), but it’s WELL-ACTED by the various stars and distinctive Zeta girls (EMMA STONE, KAT DENNINGS, KATHERINE McPHEE, RUMER WILLIS, etc.), you tend to CARE about their progressing, and thus I found it to be an enjoyable diversion.
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Hit and miss - mostly miss

By RandytheMovieFan
Written August 22, 2008
Take Billy Madison, Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds and Mean Girls, shake them up, add The Girls Next Door and you've got this mishmash of a movie. Anna Faris, Emma Stone and the other gals try gamely to breathe life into this movie, but the jokes are so lame that at times I just felt embarrassed for them.
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Um, no thank you?

By moviecriticxx
Written September 07, 2008
This movie had a minorly good message "it doesn't matter what you look like"(cliche much?), but it was just an excuse to be perverted. It was way too predictable and was quite cliche. Trust me, don't make my mistake and waste your money on it.
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