What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Hot Flashes is a comedy about a group of women nearing 50 that challenges their local high school's girls' basketball team for a series of benefit games. But the movie is more of a mature "menopause" comedy (hence the title) than a standard sports movie. The jokes can get raunchy; while there's only one sex scene (no nudity, but some thrusting/moaning), there are lots of references to sex and sexual identity (one of the women is in the closet). Language is frequent ("s--t," "f--k," "bitch") but not in every scene, and the ladies (and their husbands) indulge in alcohol, cigarettes, and even marijuana (one of the characters is known for baking with pot). On the bright side, it's always good for women of a certain age to prove they've got game.
  • Families can discuss how The Hot Flashes compares to other sports movies. Do you think this movie is different because it deals with women instead of men?
  • The movie portrays recreational drug use by adults nearing 50. Parents: What conversation can you have with your teens about the effects of drinking and drugs?
  • How do the older women resolve and deal with their differences? How do their friendships compare to those of the girls on the high school team?
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