No words.

By Anthony the9
Written April 01, 2013
I have no words for how horrifically bad this movie was. It had absolutely nothing to do with the book, the acting was terrible, the plot was out of order, and there were vital scenes missing. There were only two good scenes I can remember that were just like the book: the dead soul/ Wanda screaming scene and the "MONTHS LATER" epilogue. Don't waste your time. If you do, at least you'll get a good laugh.
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A smart movie but a good intense one with twists

By davidmdb33
Written August 01, 2014
No loudly bracket of machinegun bullets firing. No massive artillery barrages to harbor "Shock and Awe" to the enemy. No they sneak in and take your bodies over. The planet well is not as loud as it was. If you want a movie where the plot twists have young love on the various rocks, aliens inhabiting and using your body. It turns out that humans are a decided problem. This is a movie worth the cost.
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Best Movie Ever

By angel_2001
Written August 29, 2014
Honestly I can say I haven't read the book yet, so I can't compare it to that, but the movie on it's own was amazing. I loved the intensity of the double person/double love and the suspense of the whole conflict it self. This is a great movie and I recommend it for everyone.
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The Host - Outstanding

By rthomp3898
Written April 15, 2013
We really enjoyed this movie. It was not what we were expecting so we were completely surprise out how the movie played out. Thought it would be more outragious but turned out to be well played and a thought out. Would highly recommend to go and see it.
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Great Effort And Close To The Book

By Kitty Softpaws
Written September 01, 2014
I read the book before I saw this move and I'm glas I did. I took a friend with me who hadn't read the book and she kept asking me what stuff meant. I suppose you would get that with any book that's been made into a movie, but I think you really should read the book before seeing THIS movie in particular. Some of the acting was just ok, but overall I think a very elaborate plot was portrayed very well on the screen. Lead actress Saoirse Ronan did a stunning job playing essentially two characters. Max Irons and Jake Abel were great as the lead love interest and you could just tell there was chemistry between these three. So bottom line, I would recommend this to someone who has already read the book, just because you would understand the plot better and see how close it is to the book. I don't expect this to be anything as big and the Twilight books/movies were, but its a nice follow up from Stephene Meyer.
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