Great movie!

By lang6446
Written March 29, 2013
Thank god they got actors who can actually act! Let's be honest because most books to movies fall a little short and this one isn't perfect but it is really good! And Saroise Ronan is great! Worth the money.
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Good But Not Great

By Epip4u
Written August 22, 2014
I didnt read the book ahead of time, but I recall it being out. I think it was entertaining, but not enthralling, There is a better book out there called "Second Nature" that I hope becomes a movie like this one did.
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Intriguingly different with a once in a life time kind of love

By lanaleu
Written August 28, 2014
While you experience the film mainly with Wanda/Melanie, it makes you feel all the emotions that would overwhelm you if you were in that kind of position. It also has two love stories built into one film. The love between Melanie and Jared seems to be a love that could overcome anything. It is a true love story that tugs at the strings of your heart. All you can do is hope for them to be brought back together again. Then there is the love between Wanda and Ian a passionate love that you can’t let go of. The science fiction aspect adds more character and originality to the film. Instead of being just a love story, it is also a struggle for survival against the souls taking over the human bodies. It is an amazing film that you should definitely go see! I also hope there is a sequel.
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Quite boring

By disizmeizatu
Written April 01, 2013
There is very little body to this film. A story that could have been told within the first 10 minutes was drawn out by useless scenes and dialogue that screamed..."get to the point" ! I also note that the casting director of today should take a page from those of the classic films of Hollywood...and start using "real" looking actors. Everyone in the world isn't "pretty"; in fact, most are pretty plain. With this in mind, I realize that Bogart would never be cast in a film today. The casting people should at least try to make the cast look different from one another. I was mixing up most of the characters (male) throughout the film. Overall, very disappointing.
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Twilight with alien invasion

By jdmegaup
Written September 17, 2014
I thought I would give this movie a whirl because it became available for download so I thought free aside from the bandwidth cost why not. I didn't want to see it as soon as I saw it was from the producers of Twilight. I should have went with my first instinct it was horrible Twilight first fucked up the vampire image so now they're taking a shot at another genre which they equally ***&^ over. Right from the start it has a Twilight feel and a super annoying lead girl that fills you in with the goings on. From here it gets worse and worse until you feel you are watching a documentary on cheese. Just like Twilight taking everything masculine,beautiful yet horrific away from vampires it strips everything of value from the invasion genre. forget scifi, horror, action , or adventure when you are explaining the genre its a teen romance movie all the way the level of intimacy and romantic content are not even mature enough to appeal to adults as a romance. Sickeningly bad.
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