Not what I expected

By rochellehummel
Written April 01, 2013
It seemed like they were in too much of a hurry to get through the story. The acting was only so so. The script wasn't very good. I really liked the last trailer they made, but it set me up for disappointment in the end. Mostly it was PG except for one scene which I think should not have made it into the movie. It was not in the book either anyway. Disney probably could have made two or three good movies from the book. Loved the book. Movie was okay, I guess. Critic Reviews were not very helpful either. Just a lot of derogatory nonsense.
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I Really Enjoyed "The Host"!

By magical-imaginations
Written March 30, 2013
I was surprised to find myself so quickly drawn into the action of this movie. I was expecting very little, but I really enjoyed this film. The cinematography was beautiful, especially the desert vistas. I liked the actors, especially Saorice Ronan and William Hurt. I thought it was much better than most of the "Twilight" movies. I still wish that Stephenie Meyer was writing more books and improving her craft, but this movie was a good product. The critics don't seem to like "The Host", but they didn't read the book. My friends also really enjoyed the movie. We are adults. Give this one a try!
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I was really really hoping that The Host was going to be a great movie

By fmandrakej
Written March 29, 2013
Where as the movie "In Time" succeeds in its clever use of language & banter between characters, The Host fails. I was so hoping this movie was going to be great. Instead I got a bit of excitement, heartfelt romance & intrigue, & a bit of annoyance by the film's attempt to be cute & funny at times. Inconsistent in it efforts at believable rapport between characters as they were put into "role play" I did enjoy the internal conflict between Wanda & Meg. Saoirse Ronan captured the role in a delicate & touching manner. The human element was presented in a believable way. I think the film was made more for the Hunger Games generation. I could have done without a lot of the "inner voice" at times, as emotions & concerns were obvious during certain scenes The inner voice could have been toned down a bit, was actually comical at times when the Film was obviously trying to be serious & somber. I really wish they had spent a little more effort & time giving The Host a little more substance. C
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By VampireVixen
Written March 29, 2013
I went to the Thursday 9pm opening show. It was totally worth it. Such an awesome movie. It had enough action to make the guys not feel like they are at a sappy girlie movie.
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well its a step up from the last few twlight moives.

By mulark66
Written March 29, 2013
its not a bad film if you can leave your logic hat in car. in many way i relate this film with the movie gamer. like gamer it had some really funny moments for an action flick. i giggle at the line "kiss me like you want to get slapped." its an underused idea in some way the possession alien is the star of the film for once and not a fav baddy (the borg) or a side bit (stargate). however the tringle romance (alien likes one boy and the girl like another boy) is kind of cheap but makes for most of comic fill of this movie. the idea is cool but i the ending makes this film go from so-so joke about in the theater movie into something that you can honestly enjoy. even if a lot loopy ideas pop in and its starts to edge on plot hole city. the cgi is cool and the feel looks is a little like the movie In Time. (far warning lots of shinny stuff.) PS acting was so-so to flat out bad. leads are ok but sides are not. the little kid and the 2 lovers need help. 7/10
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