Great Effort And Close To The Book

By Kitty Softpaws
Written October 31, 2014
I read the book before I saw this move and I'm glas I did. I took a friend with me who hadn't read the book and she kept asking me what stuff meant. I suppose you would get that with any book that's been made into a movie, but I think you really should read the book before seeing THIS movie in particular. Some of the acting was just ok, but overall I think a very elaborate plot was portrayed very well on the screen. Lead actress Saoirse Ronan did a stunning job playing essentially two characters. Max Irons and Jake Abel were great as the lead love interest and you could just tell there was chemistry between these three. So bottom line, I would recommend this to someone who has already read the book, just because you would understand the plot better and see how close it is to the book. I don't expect this to be anything as big and the Twilight books/movies were, but its a nice follow up from Stephene Meyer.
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By philcogathering
Written March 31, 2013
Read the Book and save the $$$!! This was B title at Best and we wanted to leave several times but thiught about what we had spent to get in. Our group was 2 women and 1 man and the women were ready to go same as the man. TV type movie wasted big screen space!!
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Don't Go

By waxbatt
Written April 03, 2013
2 hours and 5 minutes of my life, that I will never get back. Had this been made before Twilight, there would have been NO Twilight Franchise, at all! No further review required.
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well its a step up from the last few twlight moives.

By mulark66
Written September 23, 2014
its not a bad film if you can leave your logic hat in car. in many way i relate this film with the movie gamer. like gamer it had some really funny moments for an action flick. i giggle at the line "kiss me like you want to get slapped." its an underused idea in some way the possession alien is the star of the film for once and not a fav baddy (the borg) or a side bit (stargate). however the tringle romance (alien likes one boy and the girl like another boy) is kind of cheap but makes for most of comic fill of this movie. the idea is cool but i the ending makes this film go from so-so joke about in the theater movie into something that you can honestly enjoy. even if a lot loopy ideas pop in and its starts to edge on plot hole city. the cgi is cool and the feel looks is a little like the movie In Time. (far warning lots of shinny stuff.) PS acting was so-so to flat out bad. leads are ok but sides are not. the little kid and the 2 lovers need help. 7/10
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Amazing book even better...

By spfu83
Written November 30, 2014
movie. This movie was actually really good I was dragged to it by my woman but ended up enjoying it more than her. This movie had an excellent screenplay adaptation don't know if Stephanie envisioned this book like this but movie was just awesome. Hope the success of this movie pushes Stephanie to write more books to this series.
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