By philcogathering
Written March 31, 2013
Read the Book and save the $$$!! This was B title at Best and we wanted to leave several times but thiught about what we had spent to get in. Our group was 2 women and 1 man and the women were ready to go same as the man. TV type movie wasted big screen space!!
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By Sabihondo
Written March 30, 2013
A decent movie to burn 2 hours in. Not a really fast paced movie and is completely different than the book. If you only like shoot-em-up's don't waste your time. If you enjoy a decent story, give it a shot.
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Let down

By bstatt2
Written March 29, 2013
I had high high hopes for this movie because it is one of my all time favorite books. I'm obsessed with it- read it like 5 times. The movie was just awful and I nearly left. Boring music, poor choices for actors and actresses (apart from the seeker), and overall just a bad film. It was trying to be the next teenie bopper twilight, but I even enjoy those movies more. It didnt even begin to develop the characters in a way that people can connect with and enjoy. Anyway, I was just let down that the butchered the movie of my favorite book.
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2+ hours and $22 I'll never get back.

By calimele
Written March 30, 2013
So sad to say it, but The Host sucked. Bad acting, completely flat emotions, weak action....It bummed me out since I did love the book and adore Saoirse Ronin. If you must see this movie, save your money and watch it on Netflix in a few months.
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really bad!

By grey panther
Written April 21, 2013
A lot of this movie seemed like a joke with the girl talking to herself and her hand getting out of control. I think I saw an old comedy routine like this. The acting was bad . . .we ended up leaving and going to another movie. Don't waste your money, wait til it's on tv and then you can text and tweet when you get bored, lol.
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