By thedoctor777
Written May 27, 2016
This could have been a real good movie; here comes the but. This film has too many what I call bloopers. It has people doing things that no sane person would have done under the circumstances at hand. The duel voices from Melody and Wanda gets to be distracting. I loved the concept of two souls in one body and each loving a different man. The last 15 minutes are great, too bad the entire movie wasn't at that level of drama and entertaining. This film is from the author of the TWLIGHT trilogy. The girl torn between two guys is repeated here, just different names and a different place. I am going to blame the screenwriter and director for too many of the loose ends and events that only stupid individuals wouldn't even do in real life. The acting is good and the cinematography well done; as is the set design that was the inside of the caves out in the desert. All you car buffs will like the shiny chrome LOTUS'S for sure. I wanted to give this one a go; but I just couldn't do it this time
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Great to see on the big screen

By Fshlunky
Written January 21, 2017
My wife and I are big fans of the book and finally got to see the big screen adaptation last night. They really did a great job of finding the right cast. (especially William Hurt as Uncle Jeb!!) It's always hard to take such a detailed book and make it into a motion picture but they certainy made the best of it and it was a lot of fun to see!!
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Surprisingly good.

By RealBryanG1786
Written July 30, 2016
I took my fiance to see this because she has read the book about 3 times, and enjoyed the story. I despise the Twilight films, and didn't expect this much from the movie adaptation of a Stephenie Meyer book. It was refreshing, and I enjoyed the film. The story was a cool, the film was well acted, the characters (mostly) did what they needed to in order to tell this story, and I give kudos to Saoirse Ronan for playing two lead characters in the same movie FAR better than Kristen Stewart could ever play one character in her life. My fiance griped that the seeker was supposed to be Asian, but I admire Diane Kruger's work and I think she did a very good job giving us an loveable antagonist in this. Good movie, should not get so much negative criticism. For those who wanted to dish that out, where were you when the Twilight films were out? Praising them. This is far better than any dull human/uninteresting werewolf/sparkling vampire tale. I promise.
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The Host was well done

By bdornoff
Written February 22, 2017
As usual there were parts different from the book, but it was well done. The relationships were what made the movie and book special. That even in another person's body another person's qualities can stand out. It was definitly something I wil buy when it comes on on dvd.
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Loved it

By katherinelowe1988
Written March 26, 2017
The book was good but the movie (surprisingly) was better. The movie left out a lot of elements from the book but it was a really good rendition. Just like the book when u think there is still more to come, it wraps it all up real fast. The characters are not how I pictured them but as the movie moves on everything in your mind changes and they become exactly what you want. However the scenery was exactly what I had imagined. I do disagree with the scene with Kyle and the whirl pool. In the book he was knocked unconscious and the floor started to give way and Wanda risks her life to save him. That is not how it happens in the movie and there was no risk to Wanda's life. But overall a great movie. Even though they did not have a scene of Walter and his funeral or one of Jodie/Sunny. In closing DO NOT take a 2 min bathroom break when Wanda goes shopping it's only about 15mins from the end and you'll miss Wes' death and the capture of the seeker. At least that's What I think I missed.
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