Adapation removes moral issues from book

By Invegat
Written August 27, 2016
The parasite watches a man die a horrible death from cancer in the book rather than acknowledge that she can easily steal the cure: totally removed from movie The parasite watches her kind and their human hosts die rather than show how to safely remove parasites from humans: vaguely hinted at in the movie, no development of the moral issue. Big part why is a commercial success is setting up an ethical way for a middle aged man to have an underaged girlfriend.
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It Was Good

By EdwardsGurl_23
Written March 31, 2017
I really enjoyed the story, and how it played out. I liked everything about it, it made you laugh, cry, hate, love and more. I really recommend it. But if you don't know the book it maybe a little hard to understand, or get into.
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Not For Everyone. Great If You Like To Laugh. Uniquely Awful.

By Al P
Written March 29, 2013
For most people, stifling laughter will be hard while watching this film. It's not a comedy though. Due to a most unique screenplay which uses voice over with actual dialog simultaneously while using the same character, frankly the effect is just plain comical in some places. So much so in fact that I witnessed at least three people leave the theater because they just couldn't stop laughing. I'll give the screenwriter credit for experimentation, that's for sure. The talent can only do what's on the page, so the end result really isn't their fault. Meyers has a rich imagination but the adaptation of this book is not deep or mildly enticing in this format. All-in-all this isn't a terrible movie, just not one that will appeal first, to any male audience (including the gay males) and second, to anyone whose funny bone is easily activated by debatably cheesy dialog over action over voice over dialog....on and on and on. See it though if for no other reason than its unique awfulness.
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Awesome following of the book!

By tianeedham21
Written May 30, 2016
I read the host awhile ago but from what i can remember it followed the book very well. And it is not very often that I can say the movie was exactly what i pictured when i was reading! To everyone that has read the book you must go see it!!!!!!!! For people that have not read the book, you will probably just say its an ok movie
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Loyal to Book/Highly Recommended

By vote4tom
Written May 01, 2016
The movie was exactly as I had imagined it would be. It was "spot on" with the vision of the book. I very much enjoyed the movie and felt a real connection to the characters. Uncle Jeb was perfectly played by William Hurt. Stephanie Meyer finds a way to make what should be the bad guy a sympathetic figure, not only the main character, but the "souls" in general. Not much more I can say. My absolute highest recommendations for this movie.
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