(From a Fan of the Book) Andrew Niccol Disappoints Again

By tramaine.gillus
Written March 27, 2017
If you are a fan of the book (which I am), this is definitely worth seeing. If you didn't read the book, I would recommend waiting for the Bluray. As an adaptation, it stays fairly true to the book, so fans will be able to appreciate that aspect. I have a problem with Andrew Niccol as a director. His films have so much potential, but they turn out very average and end up falling flat and disappointing. The acting is solid and there are some really good scene. But for me, the film doesn't come together well as a whole. The score is extremely lacking, the editing wasn't that good, and the Melanie voice-overs were poorly done and came across as cheesy. I enjoyed the film, despite Niccol's underwhelming (and sometimes boring) end product, because I like the story I hope to see a sequel once Meyer finishes the next book, but with a different director.
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The Host

By DawnyWawny
Written September 28, 2016
yes, Stephanie did it again. I like movies that are different and you can't predict. This was very interesting concept and it wouldn't be perfect without a love story and twist. My roomie, "tough guy" went and cried, it was sweet. Enjoy! GO
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Intriguingly different with a once in a life time kind of love

By lanaleu
Written June 26, 2016
While you experience the film mainly with Wanda/Melanie, it makes you feel all the emotions that would overwhelm you if you were in that kind of position. It also has two love stories built into one film. The love between Melanie and Jared seems to be a love that could overcome anything. It is a true love story that tugs at the strings of your heart. All you can do is hope for them to be brought back together again. Then there is the love between Wanda and Ian a passionate love that you can’t let go of. The science fiction aspect adds more character and originality to the film. Instead of being just a love story, it is also a struggle for survival against the souls taking over the human bodies. It is an amazing film that you should definitely go see! I also hope there is a sequel.
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Good Movie

By Curlygirly71
Written April 27, 2017
It's been a few years since I read the book when it first came out so I don't have all the details fresh in my head but what I can remember I thought they stayed pretty close to the book. The only thing I didn't like in the movie was the actress Emily Browning who plays Wanda at the end of the movie. The book said she had red hair and freckles. This girl looks like a duck and is not cute in any way! Bad job on casting I think! The rest of the movie I felt was pretty cool. the acting was good.
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Loved it but I thought it could have been a little more... :)

By angiedek
Written September 25, 2016
I loved the book read it 5 times and feel like i have been wating forever for this movie, for a book to movie adaptation it was good. I wish they could have done some of the stuff from the book like the soocer and what happened to Walter?? Didn't see a whole lot of Jamie and the stories from Wanda. It seemed like they took a lot of the emotion out of the movie. But i have learned that my imagination is just better and I lower my expectations. Going in i was not sure about the cast but they really won me over execpt I thought kyle would have been bigger and Pet/Wanda should have been blonde right and the Seeker should have had black hair. I highly recommend it! I will buy it when it comes out and watch it over and over like i do Twilight :)
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