sooo excited

By candvcisneros
Written July 26, 2016
we were so excited to see The Host. and so happy that the film followed the book. there was a bit of difference, but they made it work!!!
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Must See !!!

By lulusuarez0428
Written September 01, 2016
I've not read the book, Yet, but I just loved, loved the movie. Read other reviews, and it says it follows the book, so I'm great for that! I really enjoyed it. Actors were good. It had its funny comments/moments. Got see it! You won't be disappointed. And Love triangle. I will go see it again! :)
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Worst book to movie EVER!

By klawing
Written October 20, 2016
I fell in love with all of the characters in this book. I have read and re-read it several times in fact, because i love it so much. I get that the book was super detailed and alot of it probably wouldnt translate to movie or it would be hours long. BUT, the movie moved so fast it almost didnt make sense. The resistance (or whatever you want to call them) HATED the souls. In the book, it took a while for her to be accepted into the group. In the movie, its all "Ok, youre one of us." Mels "inner voice" was obnoxious and stupid. Also, where the heck was Walter? Or Sharron, whom originally Melanie almost died trying to contact? And when, at any point, did they have electricity in the caves? I mean Doc had a freaking computer AND a printer. The kitchen had appliances. And none of them were at all grubby and malnourished from being on cave rations. BLEH. *pros: at least they attempted to make it a movie *cons: I want my $8.50 and my two hours back. Id rather read it than watch it again.
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By boz113
Written March 23, 2017
I will admit, I'm not in the demographic this movie is going for...especially if I consider myself in the demographic of people who actually go to the movies to see a well thought out, entertaining story. The movie is over 2 hours long, and every five minutes I managed to convince myself it was going to pick up at any moment. The plot was monotonous and stagnant, each scene feeling as if it was stuck in a melodramatic loop. The transitions were horrid, and the dialogue turned the movie into an unintentional comedy much of the time. At one point, I thought it may have been just my non-understanding of a book that was written for teenage girls, and I was accepting of that, however, the teenage girls in front of me continuously made fun of the characters, dialogue and situations, to a point where I didn't even care they were talking. I have so much more to say, and not enough characters to say it in. Bottom line, if you're a kid, or an adult, you're wasting your money on this movie.
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By thedoctor777
Written May 27, 2016
This could have been a real good movie; here comes the but. This film has too many what I call bloopers. It has people doing things that no sane person would have done under the circumstances at hand. The duel voices from Melody and Wanda gets to be distracting. I loved the concept of two souls in one body and each loving a different man. The last 15 minutes are great, too bad the entire movie wasn't at that level of drama and entertaining. This film is from the author of the TWLIGHT trilogy. The girl torn between two guys is repeated here, just different names and a different place. I am going to blame the screenwriter and director for too many of the loose ends and events that only stupid individuals wouldn't even do in real life. The acting is good and the cinematography well done; as is the set design that was the inside of the caves out in the desert. All you car buffs will like the shiny chrome LOTUS'S for sure. I wanted to give this one a go; but I just couldn't do it this time
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