close to book

By thorsday<3
Written March 29, 2013
this movie is getting lots of criticism , and while i understand this you cant nit-pick everything. i loved this book and obsessed about it FOREVER.... and to be honest they did pretty good. yes the characters weren't perfect, but they really went into their roles making me ignore the appearance they "should " have. i also missed some cute minor parts like the soccer( you know if you read book) but they kept true to the book and you have to look at bright side of things. i say go especially if you read the book . i went to the 10 pm pre-showing and it was good so just stop over comparing things because you like to complain.
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Absolutely Awful, yet Thoroughly Entertained

By BigAl1919
Written March 30, 2013
This was the worst movie I have seen in a while, but it was worth every penny mostly because I was cracking up for the duration of the movie. Every attempt by this movie to be an actual love story is thwarted by the ridiculous premise of two guys falling in love with two girls inhabiting a single body. Only Stephanie Meyer can complicate a love triangle by giving one of the characters a voice in her head that has different feelings and is prone to violent outbursts. The action was actually done quite well and the side of the plot involving the Seekers vs. Humans has great potential, but every time the movie kicks to the love story, the repressed giggling came back. The internal dialogue of Mel/Wanda just adds to the ridiculousness, especially when Mel is third wheeling in a conversation Wanda is having. There's a great action movie buried somewhere, but it's smothered by a ridiculous love story, bad cinematography, and horrible acting. Strangely though, had a great time.
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The Host

By ang549
Written March 30, 2013
This was very well done with good coverage of all the main points of the story in the book. My friends and I loved it and highly recommend!!
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The Host

By geegeew
Written April 11, 2013
I had read the book and the movie followed the book very well, although it was slow in some spots. I think that it might be a little odd if someone had not read the book.
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Worst book to movie EVER!

By klawing
Written March 30, 2013
I fell in love with all of the characters in this book. I have read and re-read it several times in fact, because i love it so much. I get that the book was super detailed and alot of it probably wouldnt translate to movie or it would be hours long. BUT, the movie moved so fast it almost didnt make sense. The resistance (or whatever you want to call them) HATED the souls. In the book, it took a while for her to be accepted into the group. In the movie, its all "Ok, youre one of us." Mels "inner voice" was obnoxious and stupid. Also, where the heck was Walter? Or Sharron, whom originally Melanie almost died trying to contact? And when, at any point, did they have electricity in the caves? I mean Doc had a freaking computer AND a printer. The kitchen had appliances. And none of them were at all grubby and malnourished from being on cave rations. BLEH. *pros: at least they attempted to make it a movie *cons: I want my $8.50 and my two hours back. Id rather read it than watch it again.
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