Caught off guard by the Host.

By Picholas D
Written November 25, 2008
I saw this film in a small room size theater in Virginia with my family. We went into this film blind with no idea of the plot or genre. I myself, based off the title, thought it was going to be a virus flick like Wolfgang Petersen’s Outbreak. But much to my delight it turned into a nutty comic book like monster movie with good action sequences and well rounded characters. I absolutely love the tone of this movie. It has a semiserious light hearted humor that keeps your interest level with out pulling you out of the sense of danger that the monster imposes. However this movie is not for every one and I can imagine a lot people not liking it because of it off beat approach. But if you like monster movies and are in the mood for a fresh take on the genre I suggest you view this film.
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By lugubriousthespian
Written November 16, 2008
Forget about CLOVERLEAF or any of the regurgitated zombie flick of late - this Korean-born gem is nothing short of miraculous in the way it blends horror, comedy, drama, even touch of social satire! A very dysfucntional family has to band together after the youngest daughter is carried off by a chemically induced mutation looking for fresh feeding grounds along the banks of the Han River. Suspensful, scary, beautifully directed and lovingly intergrated with very economical and believable CGI effects for the very repellant monster make this a one of a kind, not-to-be-missed, instant classic of the genre! If you like good monster movies - this is a GREAT ONE!
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The Host Review

By rocketjsl357
Written August 06, 2008
this is one movie you really need to watch with subtitles ... the dubbed version of the movie is truly awful. One of the better great creature features today ... a few scary sequences, but the good story and connection among the family members is what really drives this flick. (4/5 stars)
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Must See

By Sezwee
Written October 11, 2007
The CGI or whatever creature effects they used for this film were perfect! I also really loved the comedic elements. I still find myself peering up at the undersides of bridges when I drive underneath.
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my the host review

By lord-o-movies
Written June 29, 2008
good movie the special effects sucked but it was a great monster movie
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