The Hornet's Nest Synopsis
Two journalists follow U.S. troops into the fiercest battlegrounds of the Afghanistan war.
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The Hornet's Nest

By Ryanstavenner
The movie was great and it showed me really how much people really give up to protect this country! So with that said I want to thank all are veterans, family that have lost Lv ones and also are...

Huge heart and heart pounding at the same time. Wow what an inspiring film!!!!!

By david536
The Hornet's Nest movie is an action-drama made with 100% real footage. The film is a groundbreaking and immersive feature film. We use unprecedented access edited through hundreds of hours of Film...

Dangerous Missions

By stanleymcclure
I have nothing but praise for Mike and Carlos Boettcher's Photo and Verbal Accounts of the Missions that they were involved in the Afghan War filming the live actions of the US Troops on the grounds....

Every America NEEDS to see this film

By amandagodwin281
The Hornet's Nest was an all encompassing film that told the accounts of the war from the soldiers experiences. This is movie does not have a hidden political agenda, but is instead a real view into...

Everyone should see this movie

By blackmonk68
This is a great movie! I was on the edge of my seat when the bullets were flying. Could have sworn they were buzzing by my head. This is a must see movie. I was even more proud to be an American...

Go see Hornet's Nest!

By ericv64064
Intense view of war at the tactical, personal level. It's neither pro-, nor anti-, it's just war. You'll want to thank every vet you know for just going....

The Hornets Nest

By rusanderson260
Great! Awesome! Cathartic! Must see! A very good non political look at Afghanistan!...

The Hornets Nest

By honortheheart
A must-see for all Americans. Beautiful tribute and evidence of the character of our men and women in uniform....

Realistic. Eye opening. Gut wrenching.

By jmacok
The reality of what our troops experience. I have always supported and respected soldier. But I have even more respect and appreciation for them and their families after watching this. God bless and...


By ray7894
One of the greatest documentaries ever on the war in Afghanistan...

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Rated R | For language throughout
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 16+ Powerful war documentary concentrates on emotion.
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