The Homesman Synopsis
When three women living on the edge of the American frontier are driven to the brink, the task of saving them from their surroundings falls to independent-minded Mary Bee Cuddy (Swank). She employs a feisty low-life drifter, George Biggs (Jones), to...
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Not The Usual...

By ephelps09
A full throttle look at the affects of male attitudes and domination on women. Raw and memorable....

Disappointing. Waste of time!

By Alicebeyli216
Disappointing. Waste of time!...

The homesman

By fandecinema
Excellent movie, with the usual top performance of tommy lee jones and Hillary shank. Not a movie for childreN. An almost realistic historical portrait of the living conditions in the American...

By lars.thompson
typical TLJ. good all the way through. expected ddifferent endinb.ù)...

not what I thought it would be

By brittanyjojohnson

A Missed Opportunity

By varmourhileman
A promising beginning gives way to an underdeveloped narrative when characters begin behaving in ways that don't make emotional sense given who the characters were set up to be. Even more...

A dark story

By boyleeri
Although there were great actors and the cinematography was beautiful, in my opinion the story had too many dark sides that overshadowed what could have been an interesting movie....

Unusual Movie but great acting

By bsafe2
This is not a typical Western. It is not a love story, but at the same time it might be a story of no love. Very worth seeing, but could have been a bit shorter. The Acting is sensational...

Pick another movie

By ccyoga
Absolutely the only reasons to go are the acting and depiction of what the frontier may actually have been like for real people. The depiction of mental illness is out of the 1950's, just offensive....

So disappointing

By brandon203040
When I saw the preview for this Tommy Lee Jones film starring Hilary Swank, I got very excited. And then I saw it. And I got very sad. Honestly, nothing redeeming to say about it....

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Rated R | For Sexual Content, Nudity, Some Disturbing Behavior and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Striking Western has some disturbing material.
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