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The Hobbit Marathon Synopsis
Watch all three films! See 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' back to back, leading up to the final film of the trilogy, 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.'

Movie Reviews

the hobbit marathon

long day, excellent movies, beautiful costumes and scenery, ugly baddies. timing of the movies shown good for bathroom breaks and ordering food, nice poster freebies and trivia nicknacks. well...


By xwingday
The marathon was great, 3D effects were impressive, and the final movie is a must see in theaters. Worth the ticket....

Hobbit Marathon

By Lkrojas
What can I say, there is nothing better than spending 9 hours in a theatre watching the last three of Peter Jackson's vision. The Five Armies is definitely my favorite of the three, kind of nice to...

The trilogy in one go.

By roccofrocco
watching them back to back, you could relive the glory and remember the details leading up to the final chapter. Runtime was about 9 hours 30 minutes, and felt nowhere near that, very easy to sit...


By shinosdragnfli1
Ugh that was just so great, and seeing the marathon made it even better. This was probably my favorite Hobbit movie....

The Hobbit 5 armys

By walter2hubicki
The marathon was great. The third movie in the series was awesome. There are departures from the book but no more than other books made into movies. Seeing it in 3D was awesome. I have been...

Hobbit Series

By gutierrezthefirst
Great story impressive visuals emotional moments overall a spectacular way to end the final chapter of Bilbo's journey......

not as expected. ..

By skabeek
It was a good thing to see all three Hobbit movies in a row, yet the third one was the weakest of the three. Things not even in the book received too much emphasis. The battle kind of ended with a...

The Battle of Five Armies

By praxitas
Sad to see Middle Earth leave, but it definitely went out with a bang. Great job on the final movie. I will definitely be seeing it at least once more before it leaves theaters!...


By faithslayer29
I have been a huge fan of the whole Lord of the Ring books and The Hobbit since I was very young. Granted, they were a little different, but I loved being able to do this! The final movie was better...

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