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By davebryce
Written January 08, 2015
I really wanted to like this film...but I found it boring, overblown and overly dramatic. The worst of the three Hobbit movies. The fabricatyed scene and dialogue between Bard and Smaug was corny, predictabek a d childish...and the movie went downhill from there.
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Good, but not the greatest.

By grndyfn13
Written January 05, 2015
I preordered my tickets, made my costumes, took the time off work, and braced myself to cry a river having to say goodbye to middle earth and certain characters. Instead, I walked out of the theater with a rather "Meh" disposition. It doesn't take much to make me cry, but I didn't even well up at the end. There were many plot holes, and a very unemotional ending. I was quite disappointed, but I still love it because it is the Tolkien universe. I hope that the extended edition fills in a lot.
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Great Movie!

By veerojr
Written January 05, 2015
Seemed a little drawn out at times, but overall the movie was very enjoyable and I would watch it again!
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By Sonofshot
Written January 05, 2015
great way to wrap up a great series. non stop action and great acting. a must see
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Amazing as expected, with an exception

By Lucasgoe
Written January 05, 2015
The movie was spectacular but I still had one or two questions left at the end.
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